In addition to the current norm of Purchasing and Chartering, we want to introduce the world to Monarch Executive Club. At Monarch Marine our singular purpose is fulfilling the dreams of our clients by providing an ethical and transparent partnership.


What it is not.
Unlike other companies, this is NOT a glorified timeshare. . With timeshare arrangements, you do not own a share in a property, merely the right to use that property for a set period of time. When your time runs out, or you miss your reserved time you are left with nothing. With fractional ownership, you own the asset and receive a deeded title reflecting your ownership. If you desire, you can transfer or sell your asset whenever you. There are no exchanging of yachts and buying of points.
What it is.
Simply, it a method of which one shares in the purchase of a yacht and that share reflects the percentage of time allocated. For example, a $20 million yachts may have 10 shares. Each owner then will have 30 days of direct use. The remaining 60 days will be for maintenance and provisioning. Your share is a tangible asset with resale value. It is important to note that in contrast to chartering, which provides no residual value, Executive Club owners have equity and enjoy pride of ownership

Some of Our Destinations

fractional ownership program provides a financially sensible alternative to chartering or full yacht ownership. It is a cost effective way to own a yacht without the associated hassles and expenses. Maintenance, staffing, provisioning, itinerary scheduling, upgrading and refurbishments are all factors that an owner normally needs to consider. Our Team manages these issues so that you can enjoy a flawless, trouble-free experience at a fraction of the cost.
The Asset.
Yachts chosen for this program are fully loaded with every conceivable option. From Jacuzzi, Waverunners, barbeque, dive compressor, kayaks, latest PlayStation, Xbox, tenders, diving and fishing equipment, and of course china, silverware, crystal, DVDs, and the list goes on.. and on.